Our Services

Production Builders
With a large CAD staff experienced in production building and the latest in CAD technology we can provide a CAD drafting service to production builders that is second to none. We can create your construction documents using your standards or ours, your CAD tools or ours, your designs or ours. Consistency, standardization, and quality are our primary focuses. We have years of experience with putting together complex construction documents with multiple options and exterior elevations.

Residential Planning
After years of employment with one of the largest homebuilders in the country we started our business with a great deal of knowledge of the "best practices" for production homebuilding. We pride ourselves on understanding the demand for saving money by design. We have helped many homebuilders develop new product lines that are value designed and engineered. We understand the concept of saving $50 on one home design can become a $50,000 additional profit for a builder who turns 1,000 homes annually. We enjoy seeing our clients succeed over their competitors because of the value they can offer.

CAD Solutions
A growing problem in today's industry is that although builders have their own in-house design-drafting departments they are unable to be proactive in tomorrow's demands. With the growing demand for consistent plans for permitting and the sub-contract base, builders can not afford to have delays with permitting or lose money with their sub-contractors due to these inconsistencies. BPS offers a variety of consulting services to help builders streamline their construction documents. Some builders simply want all of their plans drawn with consistent material and construction methods. Other builders want to have a single set of plans specific to each lot so that they can take back control of their costs and reduce errors. At BPS we can meet those needs by providing training, CAD standards and other CAD solutions.

Marketing Materials
BPS can supply its customers with accurate renderings and/or brochures and other related documentation to provide marketing tools created directly from the construction documents. This saves the customer time and money because those items are not being re-created by a third party. We can provide quality hard copies or electronic files so the customer can print or use them on their website.

Stock Plans (www.plansinc.com)
This is an excellent service that BPS provides to builders of all sizes. Our stock plan site at www.plansinc.com is the only site on the web where builders can purchase stock plans that are set up for production builders. We offer several styles of plans and each plan has several exterior elevations available and offers the home buyer multiple plan options. Although plans can be purchased from plansinc.com, BPS can use any of those plans as a base design to help our customers customize and create a set of plans specific to their needs.

Other Services
  • Lot Specific "As Sold" services
  • Plan Flexibility/Options Consulting
  • Value Design Consulting
  • Plan Database Maintenance
  • Retainable Construction Services
  • Custom Builder Services
  • Bill of Materials/Purchasing Support
  • Framing/Construction Consulting
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